Professional Indemnity and Liability Insurance


Make sure you're protected

The AILDM Code of Ethics requires all AILDM members to carry appropriate insurance for the professional work they undertake.

To make it simpler to get affordable coverage that meets your needs, Midland Insurance Brokers has developed Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance plans for landscape designers. These policies will protect you if a client makes a claim because you've made an error in advice, design or business operation  – at highly competitive premiums.

It's not worth taking the risk with your business

  • Professional Indemnity insurance covers your legal costs if something goes wrong with a landscaping project - such as negligence leading to loss of plants, or failing to pass on instructions that lead to a mistake during construction. 
  • Public Liability insurance covers claims for personal injury or property damage.

As a professional Landscape Designer, you need both types of insurance for peace of mind. Otherwise, your business and your livelihood could be at risk.

Get your free insurance audit today

Download an insurance proposal form at or call (02) 9634 0900 to discuss your insurance needs. AILDM members can also ask Midland Insurance Brokers for a free audit of their current insurance plans, to see where they can help you make savings on your premiums or access additional benefits. 

Choose Midland, and you're supporting AILDM too

AILDM receives 20% of all member income back from Midland Insurance Brokers. This is a vital source of revenue which we use to continue to improve the value of your membership.