NSW TAFE Challenge

This challenge covered the process of preparing a landscape design for a display
garden. Students were to design a display garden for the TAFE Easter Show Challenge for the Royal
Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) to be displayed at the 2016 Sydney Royal Easter Show site.

The RAS is a not for profit organisation which promotes excellence and innovation in Agriculture
and Horticulture through the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The RAS believes that this challenge
provides many educational opportunities for TAFE NSW students; design, teamwork,
networking with industry, problem solving and project management.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is the largest event in Australia with approximately 900 000
people visiting each year. This year's ‘Modern Australian Backyard’ theme is a perfect way to
capture interest and promote the skills of the TAFE NSW landscape design and construction

Preparing a Landscape Project Design involves the application of extensive knowledge of
landscape design principles, drafting techniques and computer aided drawing (CAD). It also
involves researching and gaining knowledge of plants for specific situations, applying this
knowledge to the landscape design and conveying this to the client.