Continuing Professional Development

Broaden your industry knowledge and skills

AILDM members are committed to continual improvement in their businesses, as well as staying at the forefront with their skills and knowledge. In a new initiative launched in 2014, members are now required to participate in a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program to become a Certified Practising Member.

What is CPD?

This program encourages members to undertake and document their learning and development through a broad range of formal and informal opportunities. It is open to all Corporate Members and is free to participate in.

How does CPD work?

Members commit to accumulating at least 12 points of CPD activity in 12 months. This can come from a broad range of core (at least 6 points) and non-core activities, including but not limited to:

  • Core: formal study at TAFE or University, conferences, workshops and seminars, AILDM mentor programs, study tours, teaching, serving on an AILDM Committee or entering the AILDM Design Awards
  • Non-core: Reading relevant publications, attending trade shows or Guided Site Tours, participating with an AILDM show stand or voluntary work

How is it managed?

Participants must keep a Personal Log Record and any relevant documentation. From time to time these may be audited. Once they have achieved the requirements in a 12-month period, they are approved to promote themselves as a Certified Practising Member (CPM).

AILDM members aim for CPD certification to:

  • Stay in touch with the latest ideas in areas such as business management, horticulture, and technical, sustainability, compliance and safety issues
  • Meet their personal and business needs
  • Develop a broader professional network and build their profile
  • Demonstrate professional qualifications and commitment to development to clients and suppliers
  • Achieve recognition for the learning they're already doing.

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Download the Personal Activity Log book